Around 50 kids visited along with the teachers the centre last Thursday and enjoyed a sunny morning despiteall the rain announcements that were expected.

Kids were so excited and happy to be at the centre that they left with a smile in their face and a bag full of new ideas about Galgos and how to help them. Inside the education room we always debate and try to make their minds work  asking them questions about what happens if a dog is abandoned,how do they think they can help us on our mission to help the Galgos etc  No matter how old they are they always surprise us with incredible clever answers coming straight from their hearts. Today we gained 50 new Galgo Ambassadors and that is a reason of joy.


Asking questions because they are very curious.

Participating in the patio activity.

One of the beautiful drawings done by the kids.

Kids are curiuos about everything and they want to know many things.

Another drawing….this one looks very much like a lovely Podenco.