We support rescue shelters and individuals in Spain who want to work with children and young people to raise awareness of galgo welfare issues, how dogs should be treated, and how galgos make great pets!  We fund the development of educational resources to facilitate learning and provide grants to help shelters set up and run their programmes.

To find out more, please get in touch using the links below. 

Albacete – Arca de Noé

Arca de Noé provides activities and presentations in schools accompanied by a greyhound where permitted. They also allow student visits to the shelter, collaborate with municipal libraries to organise ‘reading with greyhounds’, collaborate with “Aula de la Naturaleza” in Albacete, to organise workshops designed as a free extracurricular activities, collaboration with “Boj Forestal” to attend some of its youth workshops on
environmental education and much more!  Find out more from them here https://ibichos.com/contacto.php

Alicante – @Galgoholic_edulab 

Patricia is a professional English teacher who is passionate about galgos and greyhounds. Patricia offers presentations and workshops for children of all ages in the Alicante area. You can follow her on Instagram www.instagram.com/galgoholic_edulab

Patricia in her own words: “I am a Spanish woman on the verge of turning 40, but I am British at heart. I am an English teacher who loves to travel. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, especially my three children. But, most of all, I love dogs. Coco and I have been partners in life for 15 years. He´s a mutt, half greyhound and half podenco, who has forever changed my life. Our bond has inspired me to educate others on the issue of Galgos here in Spain. With my teaching experience, I know I have the ability to connect with teens and young adults, and I want to share my passion for Galgos, because they truly enrich our lives”. Contact Patricia here 

Barcelona – SOS Galgos

Anna and her team at SOS Galgos have a dedicated education centre for school and group visits to the centre. The centre is a school for schools, where children can learn about caring for dogs through a varied programme of activities and English language learning. Contact them here 

Murcia – Galgos del Sol

Galgos del Sol has a dedicated onsite education centre with an active education programme. Schools can visit the centre, participate in interactive games, watch demonstrations with the dogs and learn about kindness to animals as well as the history of the galgo.  Find out more and get in touch with them here galgosdelsol.org/education-outreach/

Almendralejo – RECAL 

Please contact RECAL here www.recalprotectora.es

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