About Greyhounds in Need

Greyhounds in Need is a charity dedicated to the rescue of galgos and the education of children about respecting and caring for them.

We work with many shelters in Spain who carry out the rescue work, and with homing groups and individuals in Europe who support the work we do by promoting adoption of the galgos in their own countries.

Several thousand galgos have been rehomed by GIN alone, since our work began mostly in, and with help from, the various adoption groups in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and the UK.

In Spain dogs coming up from the refuges to kennels and/or those going direct to other countries from the refuges spend around 4-8 weeks/2 months being tested for diseases and treated if necessary, they are also vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms and sterilised.

It can cost approx. €560 to rescue each galgo; this does not include the transport costs which, depending on where the galgos are rehomed, can range from €150 to €400 per galgo. Once a galgo arrives with a rehoming group there may be further vet and kennel costs before the rescued galgo finds a new home. On average a galgo will have cost €720 when it arrives at a European homing group, ready to be placed in a new home.

This figure could be dramatically reduced if galgos were rehomed in Spain. Although they are bred for hunting, galgos make very loving and dependable pets – so if you think you could offer a galgo a second chance and a new life as part of your family then contact your local shelter to find out more information.




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Registered charity in England and Wales no. 1174351