A quiz all about galgos created on the Plickers platform for an interactive quiz experience in the classroom or for remote learning for English and Spanish language learners. Teachers have free access to Plickers, and it’s super simple to get started.

  • Before a session – Set up the quiz and student rosters. Assign each student a card number.
  • During class, display the quiz to students through the ‘Now Playing’ feature on Plickers.
  • Students answer by holding up their cards and orientating them in a certain way.
  • Use the mobile app to scan the cards to collect their answers.
  • At the end of the quiz, you can access students’ reports and scoresheets.

Access the Galgo quiz here plickers.com/cocogalgo3/GREYHOUNDS-17849

Find out how to get started with Plickers here help.plickers.com/hc/en-us/categories/1260801472210-Getting-Started

This quiz was created by Patricia of @galgoholic_edulab who also offers workshops for schools in and around Alicante.

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