Last Thursday 17th of May something that would have been completely unimaginable in the past happened at Galgos del Sol Rescue and Education Centre, all thanks to the generosity from Greyhounds in Need.

Kings College from Roldan was invited to be the very first school to visit the Galgos del Sol Rescue and Education Centre. Months and months of preparation and finally the kids came to experience something unique in the area. We learnt about GALGOS,their problems,how we care about them,what things are needed to take care of a GALGO (or any other dog) and also we made some artistic drawings. In total 50 kids enjoyed a lovely morning along with 4 teachers and went back home ready to be GALGO ambassadors. Thank you to Greyhounds in Need for making this education room possible it already started to make such a big difference and more visits to come in the near future.

Kids and teachers on the way to the education room.

Listening to the explanations

Agililty area explaining how we keep the dogs happy with different activities.

Mason knows how to smile to the camera

Asking kids to do a nice poster about GALGOS looking for homes and how wonderful companions they are.

Television came to film and of course kids couldn’t hide the excitement.

One of the beautiful drawings.

Kids working hard to do a nice poster to encourage people about adopting a GALGO

Memory game in the patio.

Everybody loves the memory game at the patio

Questions and lots of participation from the kids

Final pic before going back home. Now they are ready to be GALGO ambassadors