We were delighted to hear about the latest workshop run by Anna at SOS Galgos with children from the ES American School.

This is the message we got from Anna!

“We kickstarted the workshop with a short video showing a rescue. I had to talk over the video because it was in Spanish, to explain in very simple terms what had happened to the galga, and they were all very concerned and engaged!!!

They were all between 8 and 9 years old. After going through the golden rules to connect with dogs, they went to read to the galgos in their kennels under an adult’s supervision, and it was so sweet and magical to watch them. Here are some photos of their time at the Centre. Thank you so much for your support. It is thanks to Greyhounds in Need that all this is made possible; it is all coming together ❤”

You can see in one of the photos that Anna used some of our education resource materials with the children. Our feelings and emotions flashcards are available in English and Spanish here.

If you are near Barcelona you can contact SOS Galgos here.