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Educating the next generation

We want to help children understand the life of a galgo as a hunting dog and see what wonderful pets they can make. In time, it will hopefully mean that the number of galgos needing our help will decline.

This website is all about educating the next generation to encourage understanding, empathy and compassion. By providing teaching and learning materials, fun activities, and a chance to get involved, we hope to inspire and empower children to make a difference in the lives of galgos.

How to use this website

On our ‘Teaching Resources’ page, you will find lesson plans and activities that are all free to download. The overarching theme for all of our resources is respect for animals and animal welfare.

Our materials were initially created to support learning English as a second language, but you will find that they also support cross-curricular learning, linking English (reading comprehension and writing skills), Mathematics, Conocimiento del Medio, Arts and Crafts and more. (They are all also available in both Spanish and English).

We have also created a range of simple, fun activities, including galgo facemasks, colouring sheets, word searches, puppet making, quizzes and more.

Whether you start with Niko’s Story, Rosa’s Puppies maths activity, or make an origami galgo – anything that gets children thinking about the galgos is a step in the right direction.

Take the pledge

If your children are passionate about making a difference, they can sign up for #TEAMGALGOIf they pledge their support to help change the lives of galgos with a photo message, we’ll add them to our #GOTEAMGALGO gallery. You can also sign up for the #TEAMGALGO newsletter, which has lots of ideas for getting involved and helping the galgos.

Ginny’s Galgo Competition

Creative and arty children might like to enter our monthly poster competition to help save the galgos and win a special prize.

Send us photos of their poster creations, and we will include them in our competition gallery.  At the end of every month, Ginny the Greyhounds in Need galga chooses our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

School visits

Some of the rescue shelters that we work with offer schools visits or opportunities for children to visit.  Please contact the shelters directly to discuss your requirements:




You might want to use our Rescue Shelters resource before or after a visit too.

Tell us what you’re up to

We would love to see your children getting involved, so please get in touch and tell us what they are up to.

What do you think?

Please help us do better! If you have a visit or use a resource, please complete the relevant feedback form – we really appreciate it.

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what’s happening

October 21, 2021

Make a galgo facemask

Have you seen our fantastic galgo (greyhound) face mask template?

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September 9, 2021

Yanis makes friends

The Atenea Association contacted  Arca de Noe about arranging a talk with a group of young people.

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