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3 April 2019

Shelter visits

At the end of March, Arca de Noè opened the shelter to school visits. If your school or group would like to visit and see the work that they do get in touch.  (more…)…  

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12 March 2019

February competition winners – Arca de Noè

In February Arca de Noè and Galgos del Sol ran Ginny's poster competition with the children they worked with. You can see all their brilliant galgo drawings in the competition gallery.  Because …  

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5 March 2019

Visit to Balazote High School

Pupils at Balazote's High School received a visit from Arca de Noè last week.  (more…)…  

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27 February 2019

Competition winners

The Arca de Noè team presented the prizes (more…)…  

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27 February 2019

Visit to Nessie English Academy

Jisseth from Arca de Noè visited the Nessie English Academy (more…)…  

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30 January 2019

Beautiful day at Galgos del Sol

Last Friday a group of nearly 30 kids from El Mirador which is the closest school to the centre came to visit the galgos. (more…)…  

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28 January 2019

Arca de Noè January school visits

The Arca de Noè team have been busy talking to lots of children about galgos this month.  (more…)…  

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14 January 2019

New activities arrive at Galgos del Sol

We are so happy with the new activities for the kids launched by GIN! (more…)…  

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23 November 2018

English lessons at Mari Llanos Martínez público

Arca de Noè was invited to give a talk in English to pupils at Mari Llanos Martínez público on the 14th and 15th November. (more…)…  

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15 November 2018

Send us your competition entries

Have you entered Ginny's galgo competition - we're now taking entries for our December competition? (more…)…  

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